Announcing the Autowerks Training Inc. Owner and Technicians Support Site


Euro Systems Automotive Training Inc. announces a subscription Owner and Technicians support site. This site is dedicated to VW and Audi models only.

Autowerks Training Inc. and Euro Systems Automotive Training Inc.  are associated together as a North American Technical Support Group.


This professional site will provide an in depth Technical Support Service for VW and Audi models in North America and Europe.

The "Terms of Use" are clearly marked in the site, be sure you read them carefully.

Be aware, IP address are collected and stored.  <<Try it out yourself.


The monthly fee is $50.00 with a cost effective fee of 450.00 per year. There's only one standard and one way to get things done.


Read these details on what we should do to properly post and get the fix you need.


Click  to register. After registration, we will receive the notification and we'll call you directly.


Each section is clearly labelled. Place your post in the appropriate section. If we're missing any details, please send us a detailed email here.


Autowerks Training Inc. and ESAT Inc. will provide full technical support through the main Autowerks Training Inc. website.
Members of this technical forum will receive a 10 dollar discount towards the technical support call just for being a registered member. Please provide your User ID when calling.

(This will be verified by ESAT Inc administrators before any discount takes place)


I recommend that any member that signs up for this service, get a Media Fire account for large document sharing and distribution.

Click on the link to register.

It's easy to use and that is where your files will reside when uploading a link to your post. All members can share this feature.

The files should be compressed in RAR or ZIP format but
small images don't. Within your post, provide the link where other members could have access to a file, photo, image or any other document for download.


A feature has been added to the main site for quick document upload. The main page has links that include .jpeg .gif .pdf and .txt (Images .jpg and .gif) (Adobe documents .pdf) (Text like Autoscans .txt)


For quick details on how to use this technical site, please use this link and save the document for future use.


What can Autowerks Training Inc. provide at your shop?


Total and personal support as a pay service.

Personal paid support includes:

Remote access: Remote login and diagnostics, that means Technical Support directly inside your shop.

(There is a setup process involved for this and details will be provided if requested)


Air bag controller: Reset and clearing of crash data including 65535 errors.


Immobilizer: Login codes (PIN) clearing of Immobilizer fault codes with key and controller (multiple) adaptations. Here are a few more examples A and B


Technical Support also includes:

Email Support

Phone support

Document Services


NOTE: There is a cost for shipping any Airbag and Immobilizer item to ESAT Inc. (this is normally included in the set price). Please call first!


ESAT provides intense and relative training to Technicians across Canada and the USA. Please check the ESAT Seminar Dates 2009 and 2010 site for the next available class nearest you.


Some of ESAT current course seminars are:

VW & Audi TDi  and PD Seminar

VW & Audi Advanced Data Blocks Seminar

VW & Audi EVAP Seminar

VW & Audi CAN Seminar (Controller Area Network) with Immobilizer


Coming soon ESAT release classes:

2.0L TFSI with FSI Engines and Management Systems

3.0L and 4.2L FSI Engines and Management Systems

Distributed Controllers         Management, Adaptation and Encoding   (Plug and Play Diagnostics with Adaptive Settings)

New Technologies                 VW and Audi

Data Blocks for Dummies    The hands on approach to VAG Scan Tools





 Enjoy your stay and remember, it's the details that get an answer.

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'there are no answers, it's the choices that are made' Agostino "Augie" Ferron

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