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Included in this email is an update and correction for the 01J Audi CVT Transmission adaptation. Included is the TDI bolt replacement with a link to the guide.

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For your information. The Audi CVT failures are becoming much more evident and there are transmission repair facilities, including the Audi replacement parts, that allow one extra clutch disc. The issue is now programming the TCM for the correct software and the implementing the correct adaptations to complete an installation or regular service. That document is found here.
The TSB's can be viewed here:
Bucking on acceleration.
MIL ON and emergency mode.
No Drive or delayed D or R.

The TDi replacement and torque specifications don't seem to be followed because of either total misinformation or lack of knowledge when understanding "stretch bolt" reuse. The fact is, stretch bolts are NEVER to be reused and if they are, expect SEVERE engine mounting damage.

When teaching the Diesel and VW TDi seminars, this was spoken of many times when expressing the correct timing belt setup. It seems now that quite a few repair facilities have been "bit" by the misinformation.  The guide is found here.

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